Sunday, September 5, 2010

you'll not winn....

YoU JustCan’t Win With ThoseHuman BeingCalled Boys..!!

If u treat him nice, he says you’re in LOVE with him. If you don’t, he will say you’re PROUD.

If u dress nice,he say’s you’re trying to ENTIRE him. If you don’t he says you’re from HULU.

If you’re smarter than him, he’ll LOSE FACE. If he smarter than you, he’s REALLY2 GREAT.

If you don’t Love him,he’ll try to POSSES you. If you do LOVE him, he’ll try to LEAVE you.

If you don’t let him KISS you,he said you don’t LOVE him. If you let him KISS you, he says you’re SOO CHEAP.

If you HELP him, he says you’re looking after him. If you don’t, he says you’re SELLFISH.

If you do well, he says it’s just a LUCK. If he does well, it’s because of his GENIUS BRAIN.

If you scold him, he says you’re a NANNY to him. If he scold you, he says he’s REASONABLE.

If you tell him your problems, he will says you’re TROUBLESOME. If you don’t, he will says you’re trying to HIDING SOMETHING from him.

If you argue with him, he says you talk a lot like MURAI. If you keep silence, he says you’re a ‘CON’.

If you’re gentle, he says you’re trying to be a LADY LIKE. If you’re not, he says you’re a TOMBOY.
If you’re not friendly with his friends, he will says u’re SOO SOMBONG. If u do friendly with them, he will says you’re trying to ‘KIDNAP’ his friends.

If you care with him, he will says you’re trying to show your KINDNESS. If you do not care when he sick, he will says you’re not in his WIFE LISTS.

Dear BOYS & MENS..

How can we GIRLS & WOMEN trust you?


SOORY TO SAY..but it’s really EXISTS….

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