Tuesday, August 9, 2011

U've grown up Sheera!

selamat pagi semua..
it's already 10th Ramadhan..
sekejap je kan masa berlalu..pantas..
Alhamdulillah mata masih berkelip-kelip..
entah bila mata kan berhenti berkelip dan terus tertutup buat selamanya, tiada siapa yg tahu ajalnya..
andai kata ajal itu sudah sampai, semoga kita semua diampuankan terlebih dahulu segala dosa yg telah dilakukan
sama ada sengaja mahupun tidak..
jiwa muda.... :)

so,it's already 5:30 am
Cik sheera bgun awal hari ini..
i mean tidur pun sejam lebih je....
wake up 4 am, taking my bath, wash my own clothes, drink a cup of hot milo as my Sahur and motivate my self..
told me n myself .. 

" You just have grown up Sheera !! In the middle of this cruel town, you are alone .. without parents and siblings .. there were a boyfriend and friends but they did not here at this time, at this moment, that's mean, you must defense yourself.. and seek for the truth-strength! I know u can do it.. u are a strong lady ! strong enough ! "

Suddenly, I realized that, me, Sheera already a lady now .. at the age of 19, who crying alone, eat alone, stay calm alone, cut the problems alone, enjoy the happiness alone, take a deep-calm breath alone, wash own clothes, eating instant noodles, and everything that am doing it by myself, I just have grown up slowly but toughly !

Now, I do proud of my small heart too!!
even the hater still and always hate!
even everyone talking bad about me..
even the hurt just come deep and deep..
even am all alone with drops of tears..
even I just can't get along with others..
even the others still toucher on me !
even I do need lots of needles and thread to sew all the pieces of the heart back everyday !!
even how break my heart !!
even how it was blended with the darkness of the life without any sympathy in this cruel world...

my heart still.... still ....
back together to be one-small-heart again,
still tough and strong accept everything !
still here and beats all the time....
and I still can breath with this small heart !
wow .. am proud of my own heart !
you are damn strong ya !! 

Alhamdulillah ..
Sheera was grown up slowly & successfully !!


CS : mekasyih Mr. Faiz for all those memorable times together .. insya-Allah, all the LOVE are for you .. :)

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